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5 Disturbing Questions About Fibroid Answered

An important key to managing a problem is information. But you must be sure to get the right information, or else, things can get worse.

Over the years, I have noticed several misconceptions and wrong ideas associated with fibroid.

In this post, I will be answering some questions about fibroid, thereby correcting some of these mistaken beliefs.

Below is the list of the 5 questions:

✅ What exactly is Fibroid
✅ What are the Symptoms
✅ Can Fibroid make it difficult to get pregnant?
✅ What are my chances of having a fibroid?
✅ What treatment option should I choose?

Please have the answer to the questions below:

1. What exactly is Fibroid? 

Fibroid are tumors (or growth) found in or on the muscular wall of the womb. They are non-cancerous though. Fibroid can vary in size, from that of a bean to as large as a melon, or even as large as a 7 or 8 month old foetus.

Without proper medical tests, fibroid of that size can be mistaken for pregnancy.

2. What are the Symptoms of Fibroid?

Only physician can diagnose fibroid. Any of the following symptoms are clear signal:

🞺 Very heavy and prolonged monthly periods, sometimes with clots

🞺 Pain in the back

🞺 Pelvic pain or pressure

🞺 Pain during sexual intercourse

🞺 Pressure on the bladder which leads to a constant need to urinate, incontinence, or the inability to empty the bladder

🞺 Pressure on the bowel which can lead to constipation and/or bloating

🞺 An enlarged abdomen which may be mistaken for weight gain or pregnancy.

When you observe any of these, or a combination of them, see your doctor.

3. What are my chances of having a fibroid?

Fibroid is common among women of child-bearing age, particularly women from African descent. This usually happen to women from age 30 and above.

Another important factor is your weight. Are you overweight or obese? If yes, you’re more likely to have fibroid. vFor these women, the level of Estrogen at early pregnancy can make the existing fibroid to grow faster and bigger.

4. Can Fibroid make it difficult to get pregnant?

Fibroid can hamper conception to take place depending on the type of fibroid you have. For example, if you have submucosal fibroid, it’s likely that getting pregnant may be impossible.

This is because this type of  fibroid normally protrudes into the uterine cavity, causing heavy bleeding and long periods, and prevent implantation of a fertilized egg.

Sadly, your chances of having a miscarriage are increased if you have fibroid.

No doubt, this is a cause for concern.

5. What Treatment Options Are Available?

Fibroid can be treated in two ways.

Treatment Option 1- SURGERY

Surgery is the quickest way to solve the problem of fibroid.  However, this approach has many disadvantages. One major disadvantage is that, after some time, the fibroid can grow back.

Do you know why there is a high chance of the fibroid to grow back after it has been removed from the body?

It is because surgery DOES NOT treat the ROOT CAUSE of Fibroid. It only treats the manifestation of the disease. That is, cutting off the fibroid tissue.

Fibroid growth is connected to a particular hormone in the body called Estrogen. When Estrogen is produced in excess, it feeds the fibroid and it grows.

So, the only way to stop the growth of fibroid is to limit everything that causes the production of excess Estrogen hormones to be stored in the body.

Do you now see why cutting off the fibroid via a surgery is only a temporary solution? The fibroid will grow back to replace the one cut off in a short time if the production of estrogen is not minimized.

The best way to treat fibroid therefore, is to eliminate what feeds the fibroid to grow. When that happens, if there are existing fibroid, they will starve, and gradually shrink to death.

Treatment Option 2- HERBAL REMEDY- (Highly Recommended) 

This is a more reliable but slow method (takes about 2 months) to treat fibroid.

The advantage of this treatment method over surgery is that, herbal remedy actually treats the root cause of the problem, by shrinking the fibroid to death.

This new treatment method is now making waves, bringing hope because it is holistic, safe and natural.

You can use the link below to read about this treatment option and how it is liberating women from the bondage of wicked fibroid.

Click here:

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