49 years old lady got pregnant after 12 years of waiting

49 years old woman got pregnant after 12 years of waiting after using our Fertility Products
49 years old lady got pregnant after 12 years of waiting using our Fertility Therapy


 The Month of May 2021 is for Fruitful News ! 


Our very own Mrs J (name withheld ), Mrs J came like a client who turned family member, when she commenced her program, it was a fearful history but we assured her to work on her mindset, use the product as recommended, and trust in God for a successful outcome.

Fetility testimony

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Her hubby comes home once in a year, age is not on her side, she was 48 when she started the program. She and her hubby took the Detox Cleanse pak each and she did 3 months consecutive women fertility booster pak while the husband took 2 consecutive month men fertility booster pak.

When her husband decided to come home late last year 2020 , we suggested he should take another 1 month booster pak for men for fresh renewal, she did not complain and she followed our advice.

Today, our 49 years old Mrs J xxx is finally pregnant, after 12 years of waiting for fruit of the womb…when she was afraid, we boosted her confidence, she has been following us on Facebook late 2019, she made payment for her fertility therapy package August 8, 2020 and started taking the fertility products Sept 1, 2020.

Today she is pregnant ! 

One good thing, about Mrs J, is she just has complete faith before she started, she has not used our products before, but she just had faith it will work even when she has used lots of things in the past that did not work.

Friends, don’t let us too much, there is a lot you can learn from Mrs J .

1> Obedience : Ability to listen to instruction is very important, we told her to go for 3 months and she did, she did not start and later back out after 1 month like some will do. She started and completed what we recommended for her.

2> Faith : She had complete faith, she has never even used our products before, but after reading all our testimonies, she just believed it will work for her, she sent her payment to the company account, received it , send payment for her husband in US, he also received it and they followed our instruction on how to use it, and eventually, everything ended up in praise.

PLEASE, Join me once again as we congratulate the family of Mrs J, finally getting pregnant at 49 years old after 12 years of waiting.

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